Proving A Crash Wasn't Your Fault

  • Filing A Long Term Disability Claim? Three Things You Should Avoid Telling To Your Disability Management Company

    25 September 2019

    If you have filed a long term disability claim, or are planning on filing one, you need to be aware that the insurance company will have an agent contact you immediately after filing for an initial interview. During this initial interview, the agent will try to determine whether you are injured and qualify for benefits or whether there is a reason to delay or deny your benefits. What you say in this initial interview can impact your benefits.

  • Drunk Boating: What To Know

    7 December 2017

    Everyone knows that drinking and driving don't mix, buy there are several other ways to endanger yourself and others when you use alcohol. Drinking and operating almost anything is risky, whether it be a bicycle, a boat or even a horse. Since boating is closely associated with recreation, time-off and relaxation, it presents a common, but dangerous, opportunity to cause harm and to get arrested. Read on to learn more about the risks of drunk boating.